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Your government cares for you. Yes - really; when you go abroad especially. Whilst overseas they have responsibilities towards you and towards the places that you visit. That's quite a frightening thought given that they have almost no control over you once you are gone. To mitigate the possible damage, the relevant government departments are now keen to educate their citizens before they go abroad so that they can look after themselves and know how not to casue offence to the locals.

As a responsible traveller you should care enough about these points to familiarize yourself with the advice offered. You may not follow it strictly at all times - but at least you should know what best practice is.

Australian - SmarTraveller
The Australian Government's travel advisory and consular information service
British - Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Travel advice by country, passport information, travel news and more
Canadian - Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Travel reports and warnings, consular services and more
Hong Kong - Assistance outside Hong Kong
Details of assistance available, travel tips and registration
Malaysia - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Latest information and links including contact details for travellers
New Zealand - Safe Travel
Safe Travel is the official source of advice for New Zealanders travelling or living overseas
Singapore - Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consular Information, travel tips and links to other useful sections including publications
US Department of State, Travel Information
International travel, passports, visas, child & family issues and more
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